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E X E C U T I V E  C H E F


Bon Appétit!

Born in Pennsylvania but homegrown to South Florida for the last 20 years, if Kevin Darr wasn’t a chef, he would probably be a fisherman or farmer. Having always loved food and cooking, his passion emerged while assisting his grandmother with canning and pickling, and as he grew older he assisted her with making Pennsylvania Dutch-style soups and stews. He began his culinary school in Florida when he was 16. While working at a busy Italian restaurant, he graduated at 18 and moved on to a larger company as a Sous Chef and has worked in several different states. Since then, he most recently held the role as the  Executive Chef for the Big Time Restaurant Group in Palm Beach, leading an entire team for nearly 10 years with several success stories on the sleeve. Now joining The Fort Steakhouse, we are utterly excited for his arrival and we are sure he will leave a big personal imprint while setting the culinary bar high.


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